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Focus Areas &
Target Sectors

The focus areas are based on strategies that will enable the achievement of the key goals. These include Social Impact Projects to assist in sustaining and increasing participation levels in sport under a mass participation drive, as well Commercial Impact Projects to help in enshrining sports development as a key driver and contributor to the Nigerian economy.

To promote Mass Participation and Community Development

Spaces for Sports (S4S)

Spaces for Sport (S4S) is the flagship project of Sport Nigeria, positioned as a project concept to contribute to addressing the sports infrastructure deficit in Nigeria through a grassroots cluster facilities model that caters for various community sports activities and encourages sports as a lifestyle choice especially within the education sector which contributes almost 50% to participation in sports.

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Promote MSMEs in the sports industry

Drive investment into MSMEs offering services in areas such as:

- Retail distribution
- Event management
- Coaching
- Consultancy
- Digital and IT (Ecommerce)
- Training / Capacity Development

Industrial Parks / Sports Hubs

Promote investment into:

  • Industrialization by increasing manufacturing activities in the sector
  • Local capacity in manufacturing of sports goods and equipment.
  • Sports hubs / sports cities in economic free-trade zones
  • Export-focused manufacturing incentives and investments

Professional Sports Club Development

Promote professionalization of sports through:

  • Grassroots Sports Development
  • Investment into professional sports at grassroots community levels through the establishment of Sports Clubs.
  • Infrastructure development through clubs.

Content and Media

Promote Events and Sports Tourism through:

  • A deliberate and commercial approach for the delivery of local sports content
  • Local sports events to stimulate content creation
  • Investment in media organisations and services to distribute the content
  • Facilitating development and hosting of international sporting events and other sport-related activities to attract local and foreign tourists and deliver a boost to the economy.